Our Client

Sl.  No.Company Name/Site NameCountry Of OriginTypeQuantity 
1Abed Holdings Ltd.SWORD/ Giant China, MR/MRL AC-VVVF, Passenger/Cargo and Home Lift20Sets
2Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd. SWORD/ Giant China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift/Escalator14Sets
3Assurance development LtdSWORD China, Gearless /XIZI I parking AC-VVVF, Passanger  Lift/PLC Control 14Sets
4Ventura Properties Ltd.SWORD China, Gearless MR/MRL AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift18Sets
5Building Technology & Ideas Ltd.Nawootec  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift6Sets
6Building Technology & Ideas Ltd.Giant Elevator ChinaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
7Building Technology & Ideas Ltd.Nawootec  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
8Building Technology & Ideas Ltd.Nawootec  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
9European University of Bangladesh SWORD China, AC-VVVF, Escalator 12Sets
10Finlay Properties Ltd Nawootec  Korea/ SWORD Gearless/MR/MRLAC-VVVF, Passenger/Home Lift6Sets
11Kenpark BD Apparel (Pvt) Ltd. SWORD China, GearedAC-VVVF, Freight/ Passenger Lift24Sets
12Ahmedia Apartment And Developers Ltd. SWORD  China Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift5Sets
13Mirpur New Market,SWORD/ Giant China, Gearless MR/MRL AC-VVVF, Escalator /Passenger Lift13Sets
14AK Housing Ltd.SWORD China, Gearless/GearedAC-VVVF, Passenger/Escalator Lift12Sets
15R R Builders Ltd.Modern Korea/ SWORD/ GiantAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift12Sets
16AK Housing Ltd.SWORD China, Gearless MR/MRL AC-VVVF, Escalator/ Passenger Lift 8Sets
17CRRC and DPDC SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passanger  Lift8Sets
18Abanti Garments/      Color Tex  Ltd/Crony GroupMorn/ SWORD China,  HYDROLIC cargo Lift  Cargo Lift  Hydraulic7Sets
19Abanti Garments/ Color Tex  Ltd/Crony GroupSWORD China,  MRL Full Glass Lift & Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift7Sets
20Regency Garments LimitedSWORD China, GearedAC-VVVF, Freight/ Passenger Lift6Sets
21MAS INTIMATES BANGLADESH (Pvt,) Ltd.SWORD China, GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift4sets
22Rezaul Apparels pvt. Ltd SWORD/Giant China, GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift3Sets
23MZM (CEPZ) Ltd.SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger & Freight Lift2Sets
24SOS Out fitted ltd Nawootec  Geared MR AC-VVVF, Cargo Lift1Set
25Mallik EnterpriseSWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Freight Lift4Sets
26Comfort Living Ltd.Giant Elevator ChinaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift4Sets
27Nur Builders Nawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift4Sets
28Queens Garden HomesThyssenKrupp KoreaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift4Sets
29Fakir Bhanu BhabonI Elevator KoreaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift4Sets
30Padma Polu Cotton Knit Fabrices LtdSWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger/cargo Lift4Sets
31Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College SWORD China, MRL AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift3Sets
32Shagoon Community CenreThyssenKrupp KoreaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
33Mr. OliullahSWORD China, MRL/MR Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
34Prolific Properties Ltd.SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
35Major Taneem Hasan  Giant Elevator ChinaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
36Hotel Firoza InSWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
37Dar-Us-SalamGiant Elevator ChinaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
38Strong Footwear Ltd.SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
39MP RahmatullahSigma Elevator Korea AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
40Elegant Shopping MallThyssenKrupp, KoreaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
41SalmaTanneryNawootec  Korea & Giant, China GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger/Freight Lift2Sets
42Chandralock Abas Ltd. SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
43Hazi Delwar Hossain Modern Korea AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
44Progress Apparels LtdSWORD China, MR Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift 2Sets
45Rhythm Architects Ltd.Giant , China, GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
46   GLG Assets Ltd.SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passanger  Lift4Sets
47Alhaz Babul Commissioner SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passanger  Lift2Sets
48Sampan Design and Development Ltd SWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
49Royel Green Associates Nawootec Korea, MR Home Lift  AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Sets
50Unique land Development Ltd SWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger/cargo Lift2Sets
51NK Trade Centre Ltd.SWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger/cargo Lift2Sets
52 Jahangirnagar University  SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
53Ancient Builders Giant Elevator ChinaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
54Ancient Builders Ltd.Giant Elevator ChinaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
55Abdul Khaleque Giant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger and cargo Lift1Set
56Abdul KhalqueGiant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
57Saifuddin Ahmed Modern Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
58Mr. Zahirul Alam Hansan Korea AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
59Mridha Tower Giant Elevator ChinaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
60Shahara HoldingsNawootec  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
61SCS Technologies LtdSWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
62Md. Azizur RahamanGiant Elevator ChinaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
63Safe Property Development & Consultant LimitedSWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
64Home Source Ltd.SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
65Hajee Hashem Spinning Mills Ltd.SWORD China, MRLAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
66Major Taneem Hasan  SWORD China, MRLAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
67Major Taneem Hasan  Nawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift MRL 1Set
68Major Taneem Hasan  Nawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift MRL 1Set
69Popular Diagnostic Center Sylhet Giant Elevator ChinaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
70Eternal Design & Development Ltd.Giant Elevator ChinaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
71Md. Golam QuddusGiant Elevator ChinaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
72Shovon Knitwear LtdHM, Korea  Gearless AC-VVVF, Freight Lift1Set
73Mohua MatiGiant Elevator ChinaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
74Architekton Ltd.SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
75Architection Pvt Ltd. SWORD China,  MR  Lift  AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
76Anwara MansionNawootec Korea, GearedAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
77Dr. Abdul HasanSWORD China, GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
78Islami Bank Hospital Nawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
79Salma Akter GongNawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
80Abdul Malek Nawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
81Asia TowerThyssenKrupp, KoreaAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
82Bologna Properties Ltd Nawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
83Habubur Rahman (Tulu) Nawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
84Qualatiex Industries (BD) Ltd.SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Freight Lift1Set
85Modina Development Ltd SWORD China, Home Lift  AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
86Bay Power Technology Ltd.Nawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
87Dr. AKM Mahbubur RahmanNawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
88Mr. Zakir Mia Hansan Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
89Eng Oliur rahmanSWORD China,                MR  Lift  AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
90Md. Harunur RashidSWORD China,  MR  Lift  AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
91Accurate real estate ltd.Giant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
92Md. Kazi SahabuddinGiant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
93Nantu Utility Opodesta Ltd.SWORD China,  MRL  Lift  AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
94Oxford lily flat owners association Nawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
95Md. Shah alam SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
96Trust Asst Ltd.Nawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
97Mens Builders Ltd.Giant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
98Estate Management Partners Ltd.Giant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
99Hazi Abu Ibrahim Modern Korea AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
100Md. Mosharaf Hossain Modern Korea AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
101Mr. Shajahan Saju Modern Korea AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
102Ideal Ferdus Villa SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
103Mr. Kazi Feroj Rashid MP Giant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
104Good NeibourHood Nawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
105Sim International Ltd.SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
106BRAC Dairy and Food ProductSWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Cargo Lift1Set
107Meem Community CenterNawootec Elevator South Korea AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
108Md. Mainul Islam SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
109Mr. FakhruddinGiant , China, Geared AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
110Abdus Samadnawootec Elevator South Korea AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
111Md. Mohasin Ali Giant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
112Sanguine Design And Devlopment Ltd. Giant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
113Landmark Developments Ltd.Giant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
114Md. Abul KalamSWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passanger  Lift1Set
115 Md. Abdul Latif MondolSWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passanger  Lift1Set
116Ferdus gong SWORD China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passanger  Lift1Set
117Bhola Freedom Fighter MuseumNawootec  Korea GearlessAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift MRL 1Set
118Rezaul Karim SWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
119Bangladesh america Development Ltd Giant,  Gearless  AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
120Chittagong Club Limited SWORD  Gearless MRL AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
121Bangladesh Eye Hospital Ltd SWORD  Gearless MRL AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
122Barobi Holdings Ltd.MORN  China,  HYDROLIC car Lift  HYDROLIC car Lift  1Set
123Mr. Babul Hussain Nawootec  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
124Alkamil Homes Ltd Nawootec  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
125Annex Development Ltd Giant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
126Md. Mohiuddin AhmedSWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
127Royal Green Ltd.Mron Hydrolc car lift Hydrolc 1Set
128Md. Mojibur Rahman SarkarGiant,  Gearless  AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
129Md. Khalilur RahmanGiant,  Gearless  Giant,  Gearless  1Set
130Mr. Mirza Abdus SalamGiant,  Gearless  Giant,  Gearless  1Set
131Samsul Alamin Real Estate Ltd SWORD China, MRL   Home Lift  AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
132Mr. Atiqul AzamGiant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
133Apex Foot WearSWORD China, MRL  Home Lift  AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
134Mr. Saad Mohaamd HaiderGiant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
135M/S. Shameem EnterpriseTELCO, Greece, MRAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
136Mr. Air Chief marshal Abu EsrarSWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
137Arteco Trade Centre (Asian TV)   SWORD  Gearless MRL AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
138Architect Suzon, Creators.SWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
139Dr. Md. Mushair- UL-IslamSWORD  Gearless  MRLAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
140Md. Abul Kalam AzadGiant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
141Md. Ashadul SheikhSWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
142Abed Holdings Ltd.SWORD  Gearless MRL AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
143VenS IncorporationSWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
144Advocate Shafiqul Alam RahatSWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
145SHOPNO NIBASHGiant , China, Gearless AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
146Euro Star GroupSWORD  Gearless MRL AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift2Set
147Molla Trading & Construction ServiceMovi Lift   ItalyAC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
148Rony Knitwear (Pvt) Ltd.,Nawootec  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
149Shaibal TowerSWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
150GLG Assests Ltd SWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
151Apartment Owners Association SWORD  Gearless MR AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift1Set
152Hyundai Construction Co Ltd SWORD  Gearless MR and MRL AC-VVVF, Passenger Lift21Sets